Crispy Fried Powder for fried chicken ,hamburg chicken fried
May 8, 2019
Green Prickleyash seasoning
May 8, 2019

Quick-Fry Sauce seasoning

Product Details

Name:                  Quick-Fry Sauce seasoning

Type:                     Food seasoning,condiment

Place of origin:    Shandong,China

Brand name:       Hodias,DACHU SIBAO,OEM

HS code:              21039090.00

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Vegetable oil, pepper, white sugar, maltose syrup, drinking water, vinegar, edible salt, bean paste, pine mushroom fermented sauce, seafood extract, garlic, ginger, pepper, dried tangerine peel, Momordica grosvenori, medlar, angelica, starch, yeast extract , liquor


Product Description

1.It is brown color paste
2.It can be used for spicy chicken,spicy duck,spicy meat products,etc.
3.It is convenience and easy to make delicious products



seal and light-proof, keep in cool, dry and ventilated place


Shelf Life


Usage and Dosage

Compounding solution or adding directly when using, choose the best quantity through test.

used for cooking or direct consumption



It can be used for cooking or direct consumption

Kung Pao Chicken
Ingredients: chicken gizzard 250g, fried peeled cooked peanuts 20g, dried chili peppers 5g, green onions and ginger slices 5g each.
Seasoning: Kung Pao Sauce Seasoning 2 Pack 90g
Operation steps: chicken gizzard diced sizing and cooked smoothing, and another pot, put into the onion ginger, dried pepper section and musk, into the chicken pieces and fried peeled peanuts, into the kung Pao sauce seasoning,mix uniformly, just take the pot.





Within 2 days against the production time and full payment