May 4, 2020

Simply Famous Dishes Recipe Sauces are needed urgently

HODIAS CHEFU SIMPLY FAMOUS RECIPE SAUCES ARE NEEDED URGENTLY BY WUHAN,CHINA In the face of this sudden epidemic, the country as a whole will fight against […]
October 23, 2019

usage way of ethyl maltol enhancer flaovr powder

    ethyl maltol widely used in meat product, hem, dumpling , hamburg meat make ,improve meat taste, add flavor of meat.
May 5, 2019

Open Secrets of Spicy Casserole

Editorialist has a small hobby, like to eat spicy incense pot, but editorialist skin is still very good, because I am from Chengdu, hahaha. Editorialist traveled to […]
May 5, 2019


DACHUSIBAO CONCENTRATED DELICIOUS POWDER is a high-end flavoring and freshening seasoning. It is suitable for the flavoring and freshening of all kinds of food production. It is […]